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LOOK: It’s a wrap


It might have been the weather, it might have been the city, it might have been the good looking but fashion wise clean dressed Swedes that put me in a state of mind to pull extravagant outfits like this during Stockholm Fashion Week. At least Camille liked it and the street style photographers – as I was featured a lot with this outfit (see the press section). But what on earth did I wear?

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Look: Streetstyle madness with my Nike sports bra


© Søren Jepsen from The Locals for Style.com

Wowza, you guys don’t know how many times I was beaming with delight those past couple of days. Berlin Fashion Week was happening last week and as one would expect from a crazy out-and-about girl like me obviously I was out and about and couldn’t really take care of my little baby blog here. Shame on me. BUT I was busy getting my photos taken by no other than Søren Jepsen from The Locals, Adam Katz Sinding from Le 21ème and Nabile Quenum from JPMV. Those photos then were featured on Style.com, T Magazine and GQ France. Crazy, non?

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Look: Spotted on Vogue Germany – HAPPY BERLIN FASHION WEEK!


It’s BERLIN FASHION WEEK o’clock, kids! Even though I got so used to a busy schedule during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, which is by the way even busier than anywhere else due to a massive home advantage, I am still super excited the days before the start. One reason is for sure that I can’t wait to see my colleagues and friends I only get to see for this rare occasion. Last summer during Berlin Fashion Week lovely Søren Jepsen from The Locals took this picture of me – and in the end, Vogue Germany featured it!

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