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LOOK: The Summer Games

Foto Kopie

What the heck? Suddenly it’s summer-ish again. Autumn will have to wait as we’d like to seize every damn ray of sunlight there is out there. Luckily I am stuck in the office all day and can’t really take part in The Summer Games – that is how we like to call the flashback of boiling hot 26 degrees. Phew! To at least feel as if i am sitting in the audience of the stadium I am sporting the sporty look today with bare legs and obviously supporting the blue team. Whoever that it.

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LOOK: It’s a wrap


It might have been the weather, it might have been the city, it might have been the good looking but fashion wise clean dressed Swedes that put me in a state of mind to pull extravagant outfits like this during Stockholm Fashion Week. At least Camille liked it and the street style photographers – as I was featured a lot with this outfit (see the press section). But what on earth did I wear?

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LOOK: My outfit on Style.com by Søren Jepsen

Cloudy Zakrocki x The Locals

Sometimes I really want to kiss Søren Jepsen from The Locals on the cheek every time I see him as he always manages to make me look great on pictures. And who can say that about pictures of themselves, right? Here’s another outfit that made it on to STYLE.COM – yay! Find out what I was wearing after the jump – and THANK YOU Søren, you are the best!

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