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PARTY: CLOUDYCLOUDY is ALL YOURS Launch Party at Prince Charles


A little party never killed nobody – according to my friends this slogan should be inked onto my butt as they somehow always refer to me as a “partygirl”. I on the other hand refuse to extensively think about what on earth they could possibly mean with this term and extensively try to get rid of the bad Paris Hilton connotations that inevitably pop into my head when hearing the term. Anyways, to kick off this blog baby properly I decided it’s time for a little party action and joined forces with the girls from All Yours. Hosting a pre-press-event and the actual party can be nerv-racking at first but after the people had their Pimm’s and Jules Mumm Plus drinks in their hands and the best goodie bags on earth under their arms it’s time to relax and party along. And what a night it was! Get a glimpse and more details after the jump!

All pictures © Juliette Mainx

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