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FAIL: Isabel Marant Bart Sneaker


The only question there is to ask this week: “WHY, Isabel Marant, WHY THE FUCK?” For all those of you who haven’t been soaked into the blogosphere and/or erratic Marant hype movement let me explain: On the left you can see the new Isabel Marant Bart Sneaker that just hit the much-loved luxury online stores. On the right you can see Mr. Stan Smith, a known sneaker pioneer from the house of Adidas. So, again, the question: “Dear Miss Marant, why on earth would you ‘design’ a sneaker so obviously being a rip off from the classic Smith while you being the one complaining about world wide rip offs of your own designs?” And to all those of you thinking about buying the 280 Euro Marant version over the budget 90 Euro Adidas buddy one question as well: “Are you really that brand-minded and blighted?” But hey, in the end: everyone should do what they want. And if you want to spend nearly 200 euro more on a design that actually looks ten times shittier than the original sneaker just so you can say you are wearing Isabel Marant on your dirty feet – then that’s how it should be.