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FEATURE: Modern Muse on Rebelle.de


As you all probably know I do love vintage shopping a lot. Actually I am a huge fan. So when German online shop Rebelle.de asked me to take part in an interview series I said yes immediately. For once because I like Rebelle and for another because I am in best company as Katja, Ari, Nike and Claire took part as well. You can read my full interview here and see all the pictures and sneak peeks from my apartment and closet.

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CHECK OUT: my pickings for OE Magazine


There are so many magazines out there but OE is definitely one of my favourites. So no wonder when they asked me to join their series “OE pickings” I said yes before anyone on this planet could even blink with the eye. Now the feature with my 10 pickings is online and you can see some of the items I like to surround myself with – featuring brands like Ina Beissner, some cacti and my new collage by talented Heidi Andreasen. Check out the whole feature here.