LOOK: The Summer Games

Foto Kopie

What the heck? Suddenly it’s summer-ish again. Autumn will have to wait as we’d like to seize every damn ray of sunlight there is out there. Luckily I am stuck in the office all day and can’t really take part in The Summer Games – that is how we like to call the flashback of boiling hot 26 degrees. Phew! To at least feel as if i am sitting in the audience of the stadium I am sporting the sporty look today with bare legs and obviously supporting the blue team. Whoever that it.

A lot of nonsense to talk but basically I am sure you guys are scrolling down to this part anyways. So here it is: What am I wearing?

| Jacket – Levis | Neoprene Skirt – Zara | Shoes – Adidas Superstars | Sunnies – G-Star |  

Click through the gallery to see me turning around and around and around…

Foto Kopie 6
Foto Kopie 3
Foto Kopie 4
Foto Kopie 5
Foto Kopie 2