PARTY: CLOUDYCLOUDY is ALL YOURS Launch Party at Prince Charles


A little party never killed nobody – according to my friends this slogan should be inked onto my butt as they somehow always refer to me as a “partygirl”. I on the other hand refuse to extensively think about what on earth they could possibly mean with this term and extensively try to get rid of the bad Paris Hilton connotations that inevitably pop into my head when hearing the term. Anyways, to kick off this blog baby properly I decided it’s time for a little party action and joined forces with the girls from All Yours. Hosting a pre-press-event and the actual party can be nerv-racking at first but after the people had their Pimm’s and Jules Mumm Plus drinks in their hands and the best goodie bags on earth under their arms it’s time to relax and party along. And what a night it was! Get a glimpse and more details after the jump!

All pictures © Juliette Mainx

Of course there had to be goodie bags and as I found those super nice metallic bags of course the content had to be super nice as well. I am so proud of my bags as they contained only stuff I like best: Løv organic tea in all kinds of flavours and colourful packaging – as I am not the coffee person I love my tea in the morning and this one is simply the best -, Davines hair products that I like best because they smell so nice and it’s a superweapon for any hair type (check out the German blog here), gift vouchers from my favourite WALD store in Berlin – you have to visit Dana and Joyce in their store if you haven’t done so already – and gift vouchers for a personal training lesson with No Excuses Berlin, which is definitely way more than a gym but a sport experience you’ve never had before. And to let Berlin know the three girls were in town of course some All Yours and cloudycloudy stickers. Did I promise too much? Nope!

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 As I didn’t want my party people to die of thirst and hunger the newest Jules Mumm invention Jules Mumm Plus and traditional cocktails with Pimm’s did their magic work. The sparkling Jules Mumm experience and refreshing taste of Pimm’s in combination with the finest Hip Hop tunes by DJane Iamkimkong – simply the best!

Needless to say: The party was boozy and great! When Camille had to leave for the airport at 7 am we were still sitting outside in the yard of Prince Charles and didn’t even want to leave. And as this kick off party was such a big success and as a sorry to all those of you who were trapped in the endless queue outside the entrance here is another promise: There will be another cloudycloudy x All Yours party soon!

Special thx to everyone who came, all the party people and my blogger, press and PR friends. You make working in this industry so much better. Also to the All Yours girls Doreen and Julia who let me borrow the Berlin famous All Yours party to host my launch, also to Prince Charles club, which is kind of second home to me, to Iamkimkong for the great sound – you know what real Hip Hop is, girl! – and to talented photographer Juliette Mainx for the pictures. If you haven’t seen her portfolio yet, be quick – this girl is the next big Berlin photography thing, promised! Special special thanks of course to Løv, Davines, Wald and No Excuses for making the worlds best goodie bag possible. And special special special thanks to Pimm’s and Jules Mumm Plus, who gave the greedy party throats exactly what they needed: perfect and tasty drinks for a great summer night out.

Kids, it was a blast! Let’s do it again! 






  • kathrin

    such great photos. you guys look divine. xoxo