FUN FILM: A lesson in footwear


First things first: This post is NOT about Ryan Gosling. I might be the only one on this planet but I really don’t find him that hot. Okay, he is one attractive man but to be honest its more the roles he’s playing that do the work for him. He always represents this long lost loner bad boy who deep inside has a super good heart and is only waiting for the right girl to come and twist his shitty life around. Zzzzzzz – sorry, I just fell asleep. Let’s get back to business: YOU GOT NO RIGHT TO WEAR NEW BALANCE SNEAKER, EVER might be one of the best fashion quotes in movies ever.

I watched the movie last night on telly and again realized what I had known for a while now: Sorry New Balance but I am even less of a fan of your sneakers than of Ryan Gosling. When I think about it the word fan shouldn’t even be used in association with your brand. Also I doubt whoever invented the first sneaker would like the fact the weird New Balance design is considered sneaker as well. I mean, come on guys, there are Superstars and Air Force and even chucks, who on earth would possibly wear New Balance in their right mind?

To cut a long story short: I don’t like New Balance. And again: This is one of the best fashion quotes in the history of film. Thank you Ryan, you actually scored another point on my radar.

PS: Under the rubrik “Fun Film” fun scenes or things from series and films will be filed from now on. Ryan makes a good start though, doesn’t he?

  • kathrin

    great new category! can’t wait for more xoxo